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New STM sliding and pull-out systems: maximum usability of domestic environments

STM, a company that develops innovative solutions for the furniture industry, will participate as an exhibitor at the next edition of Interzum, scheduled in Cologne from 21 to 24 May, where it will present the main innovations introduced in the last year.
Among the new models developed by STM stand out the sliding and removable systems designed to ensure maximum usability of domestic environments. These devices make it very easy to transform the furniture of the kitchen or other domestic environments through the extraction of comfortable tables or worktops. Others allow the kitchen top to slide horizontally on the cabinet, obtaining a comfortable table for a quick meal.


New line of guides for extensible tables

STM will also be presenting at Interzum a new line of slides for extending tables that complete the range of aluminium components that include all the main types and sizes used by furniture manufacturers.
The main feature of these products is undoubtedly their great versatility: STM has in fact decided to produce components also suitable for outdoor furniture. The materials used for these products are in fact resistant to atmospheric agents and can be installed either indoors or outdoors.
The company's development activity is not only oriented towards maximum versatility, but also takes into account the robustness and safety of these devices: to ensure this STM submits its systems to a series of rigorous tests that aim to ensure resistance and durability over time. The new range of STM products is in addition to the existing ones with the aim of simplifying the use of domestic spaces at any time of day.STM a interzum 2019 - Pad 5.1 Stand C80/D89


STM a interzum: new pull-out tables and table sliding systems

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Category: Pull-out tables
Publication date: 02/07/2019
Company: STM S.r.l.