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STM a interzum: new pull-out tables and table sliding systems

Time to take stock of the exhibitors who took part in the last edition of interzum, including STM, a company that has participated in every edition of the event in Cologne since 1985.
Given the number of visitors from all over the world to the stand and the interest aroused by the new products presented, it can be said that the response was certainly more than positive, confirming the internationalisation that is one of the company's main objectives.
The reasons for the success achieved at the fair, both in terms of the number of visitors and the volume of contacts generated, are the result of a corporate strategy that favours innovation and the study of solutions that adapt or even anticipate the main global trends in the sector.  
The innovations presented are mainly related to the guides and sliding systems for tables.
The prototypes on display have aroused great interest for their technical and functional characteristics: thanks to the materials used, STM products can in fact be installed both in outdoor and indoor tables.


Extension of the range of extractable systems

The company has presented numerous new products that enrich the existing range of products, such as pull-out systems. These are two new models of pull-out table with legs: Family One and Family Duo. The first model has a single central telescopic leg that can be folded over the top to store the pull-out system inside the cabinet; in this case the company has adapted to this new model the already patented leg folding system, which had already met with considerable success.
The second model, Family Duo, has completely new features: the two legs supplied with this system are completely independent of each other and are extracted thanks to a release mechanism, developed by STM, which allows you to easily position and fold them once the table is placed back in its housing inside the cabinet.


Other innovations in sliding systems

No less important are the innovations presented in Cologne for the sliding systems sector: until now, these systems differed depending on whether the customer had to install them in a hollow floor or in solid wood. This is no longer necessary today, as STM has managed to standardise the offer and make it suitable for both situations.

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