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Sliding systems for kitchen tables STM: synthesis of design and functionality

STM, a manufacturer of technical components for furniture, offers a wide range of sliding table systems designed to ensure maximum usability in domestic environments.
Many of these transformable table systems are designed for the kitchen environment, intelligent solutions that make it possible to transform the kitchen top into tables and thus multiply the available space according to the needs of each day.


Sliding system for Plana tables by STM

The kitchen environment is certainly the one that requires the most functionality, an element linked above all to the ability to adapt quickly and easily to the different needs of daily life. All this without neglecting the aesthetic side, design and attention to detail, also because the kitchen is now an integral part of the living room for which elegance and refinement are required.
The sliding system for Plana tables responds to both these needs: on the one hand it allows you to extend the surfaces that can be used in the kitchen, on the other hand it “hides“ the sink, hob or other appliances to make the environment more in tune with the living room.
With a simple movement you can push back the top that normally covers the sink, hob and other appliances and obtain a comfortable table at the back.
The top then closes and integrates perfectly with the furniture on which it rests. The Plana sliding system, in aluminium on ball bearings, has a 540mm extension and a maximum load capacity of 80 kg evenly distributed. It is available in silver anodized aluminium finish.


STM Over the Top sliding system: functionality and design

The Over the Top sliding table system also aims to combine functionality and design in a single solution, elegantly changing the look of the kitchen environment. Thanks to this model proposed by STM it is possible to move longitudinally the top that covers all the kitchen accessories such as stove, sink, thus obtaining a spacious peninsula table.
Two versions are available: Over the Top 160 with 1100mm extension and Over the Top 240 with 1500mm extension. The Over the Top sliding system, also in aluminium on ball bearings, has a load capacity of 60 kg evenly distributed and is available in silver anodized aluminium finish.

STM a interzum: new pull-out tables and table sliding systems

Innovations and solutions that anticipate industry trends
Category: Pull-out tables
Publication date: 02/07/2019
Company: STM S.r.l.