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News: Hardware for glass

Hettich Sensys hinge with built-in shock absorber for glass applications

Sensys hinge for glass applications: the integrated shock absorber and the wide automatic closing angle...
In: Hardware for glass Publication date:  30/01/2019 Company: Hettich Italia

Furniture hinges Tiomos M Series by Grass

The Austro-German brand manufacturer GRASS extends its Tiomos M-Series hinge system with Tiomos M0, developed...
In: Hardware for glass Publication date:  24/08/2017

On this page you can find the news of the best companies that produce hardware for glass that is used in the furniture and glass furniture manufacturers, craftsmen and architects for the design and implementation of: shower, mirrors, wardrobes, kitchens, bathrooms, tables and furniture for the living area glass and much more. In this section you will find the best companies worldwide in the field and you can view the products marketed and catalogs; if necessary you can contact directly with the company that manufactures glass hardware through the contact form or via their contact details on the custom tab. The hardware for glass is very important as it can determine the practicality, durability and the design of the product glass that may be employed in the kitchen, bathroom, in the day or in any case in any environment where it is designed a furniture component glass.