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Learn and consult the latest news and technologies components for kitchen furniture, complements for kitchen furniture and built-in appliances for kitchen. In this section you can read editorials dedicated to a wide range of products such as components for kitchen furniture, kitchen hoods, built-in appliances, kitchen tops, faucets for kitchen sinks, built-in ovens and much more. In the field of kitchen furniture production, trends are evolving and thanks to companies that are constantly investing in innovation and research, cutting-edge technologies are being launched on the market that can respond more efficiently to the needs of the end-user customer.

Kitchen furniture is constantly evolving

Society evolves and with it the needs of those who inhabit the rooms of the house, such as the kitchen. This is why architects and interior designers must always pay attention to the changes affecting the market of kitchen furniture components, kitchen furniture complements and built-in kitchen appliances. On the other hand, even manufacturers cannot remain indifferent to market developments, but must keep up with the latest market trends by perfecting existing products or expanding their ranges with innovative products by adding new features to offer customers qualitatively superior products.

Kitchen furniture: modern kitchen or classic kitchen?

How to furnish a kitchen?  Basically you can choose between two types of kitchen: modern kitchen or classic kitchen.  A modern kitchen is a kitchen with essential and minimalist lines that is characterized by the use of materials and mainly steel, such as steel hobs or built-in appliances. Classic kitchens, on the other hand, are rooms that are furnished in a slightly more elaborate way with the presence of cabinets or cupboards in which chinaware is displayed and the choice of wood, stone or marble surfaces for the hobs and kitchen tops


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Franke wins five Red Dot Design Awards 2022

Franke wins five Red Dot Design Awards 2022: the Active Twist Black Matt mixer tap and the coordinated...
In: News, Kitchen Publication date:  29/04/2022 Company: FRANKE SPA

Sustainability: from Elica innovative solutions for a conscious choice

Elica, a company that has always been attentive to sustainable parameters and sensitive to the issue...
In: Hoods Publication date:  13/04/2022 Company: Elica S.p.A

The Hotpoint Active Steam 100 oven guarantees the best steam cooking results

Hotpoint presents the Active Steam 100 oven, an appliance that allows you to choose between four different...
In: Built-in ovens for cooking Publication date:  08/04/2022 Company: Hotpoint-Ariston

Cover extractor hood by Falmec: matter as a means of expression

Cover, the new wall-mounted extractor hood by Falmec stands out for its particular finishes inspired...
In: Hoods Publication date:  21/03/2022 Company: Falmec S.p.A.

The Ikona Maxxi Pure extractor hood by Elica wins two prestigious awards

Elica wins two more prestigious awards: Ikona Maxxi Pure, hood and air purifier together, wins the Good...
In: Hoods Publication date:  23/02/2022 Company: Elica S.p.A

Built-in appliances: all the news 2022 at the RoadShow of Whirlpool Italia

At Roadshow 2022, Whirlpool Italia presented the vision, expectations, strategic directions, communication...
In: Refrigerators and freezers Publication date:  31/01/2022 Company: Whirlpool Italia

Falmec's Light hood gets another important international recognition

Falmec's Light hood has won another important international award, the Iconic Award 2022: Innovative...
In: Hoods Publication date:  05/01/2022 Company: Falmec S.p.A.

Zefiro air sanitizing system by Barazza: the first integrated in an oven

At Sicam, Barazza presented Zefiro, the first domestic air sanitizing system integrated in a built-in...
In: Built-in ovens for cooking Publication date:  29/12/2021 Company: Barazza s.r.l.

Art for Chefs kitchen taps by Gessi: design, technology and innovation

Gessi, a manufacturer of designer taps and mixers for the bathroom and kitchen, further enriches its...
In: Faucet Publication date:  02/12/2021

Blanco Unit mixer, sink and recycling system: three products in one solution

Blanco, one of the world's leading manufacturers of sinks and mixers for kitchens, offers Blanco...
In: Faucet Publication date:  11/11/2021 Company: BLANCO GmbH

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