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SuperOven professional ovens by Unox Casa: digitization and cutting-edge technology
With its high-end ovens and a series of customized and customizable services, the new Unox Casa brand offers professional performance in a simple and immediate way even at home: this is thanks to digitalisation and the technology applied to the SuperOven oven, composed from the two models Model 1 and Model 1 S.

Cook Like a Chef digital platform

Digitalization also enters the kitchen, transforming this environment into the high tech heart of the house. Unox Casa interprets this trend and launches the Cook Like a Chef digital platform. SuperOven ovens take advantage of this ad hoc platform to help customers develop their creativity and find inspiration with the support of the Unox Casa Chefs every day, 24/7. The platform allows Unox Casa customers to be able to count on the support of experts on a daily basis, in order to be able to fully exploit the potential of Unox Casa products. In its headquarters in Padua, the company has created more than 100 video recipes of great visual impact that illustrate, in a simple way, the phases of preparation and cooking of delicious meals.At the end you can download directly on your oven the chosen recipe.

Also thanks to the digital platform Cook like a Chef, the SuperOven ovens have a Personal Cooking Trainer, or a group of corporate chefs, available 7 days a week, for a support one to one on demand. You can then go on the platform, define the number of people and the type of dinner and, by appointment, you are contacted by a chef who, based on the capabilities of the customer, will suggest a menu and follow it in the realization.


Custom technology

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology and patented innovations, the SuperOven oven can support more than 400 cooking processes: grilling, frying, steaming, vacuum, smoking, roasting and dehydration are just some of the cooking options, once reserved only for the kitchens of the best restaurants.

Accurate sensors continuously monitor the percentage of humidity inside the cooking chamber, allowing food to be cooked perfectly and uniformly and three times faster than a normal oven. The technology and artificial intelligence behind SuperOven ovens are the same as high-end professional ovens. Simply select the type of food and the desired cooking result and SuperOven will choose the settings, measure the food load and adjust the cooking process to make it perfect.


Energy efficiency

SuperOven ovens are equipped with triple glass doors that provide perfect insulation inside, while remaining externally cool and safe to the touch. Professional-grade insulation layers and heat-reflective glass allow more energy to be transferred to food, further accelerating the cooking process. When the oven is on, the black glass door becomes transparent, allowing you to see well what is cooking.