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The Hotpoint Active Steam 100 oven guarantees the best steam cooking results
Hotpoint presents the Active Steam 100 oven, an appliance that allows you to combine steam cooking with traditional cooking methods, to enhance the ingredients and obtain soft and tasty preparations, even with a reduced use of fats and seasonings.

In recent years, consumers have seen increasing attention to a healthy and balanced diet, guaranteed in particular by steam cooking, an optimal method that allows to preserve the organoleptic characteristics and nutritional properties of fresh food. According to a Gfk survey, the spread of steam ovens has grown in Italy over the last five years, registering a + 10% in value in 2020.

ActiveSteam technology

The ActiveSteam 100 oven offers the possibility to choose between four different levels of steam combined with traditional cooking methods. The oven is designed for intuitive use and designed to make the most of the power of steam (100% steam) or by combining the power of steam with the action of heat (75, 50 or 25% steam), obtaining a healthier result and more crisp dishes outside and tender inside.

With a few simple moves on the extremely intuitive interface it is possible to set the desired temperature and the level of steam based on the type of recipe to be prepared: 25% for baking bread, 50% for meat, 75% for fish and 100 % for cooking more delicate foods.

Just pour the water into the special drawer integrated in the control panel and this is transformed into steam and dispensed inside the oven, for excellent steam cooking results. Thanks to a tank of 1.5 liters, located at the back of the oven, you can also make long steam cooking, without the need to add water during cooking. The oven is also equipped with a pump to discharge the water still in the tank at the end of each steam cycle.

Numerous special functions

The ActiveSteam 100 oven is also equipped with several special functions. Multiflow Technology is a ventilation system that works in synergy with the motor and allows perfect uniformity of air flow distribution, without recirculation areas to offer maximum precision and uniform cooking.

Thanks to the Touch control, control is simple, at your fingertips with touch sensitive and easy to clean panels. The telescopic guides, functional and practical to accompany and support the dripping pan or grill when they are removed from the oven, make it easier and safer to check while cooking food.

Another important function is the Diamond Clean, the exclusive technology that uses the power of steam to clean the oven without detergents.

Finally, the Soft closing device is a system that uses new generation hinges to gently accompany the oven door, avoiding abrupt closing.