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Zefiro air sanitizing system by Barazza: the first integrated in an oven
At Sicam, Barazza presented Zefiro, the first system in the world capable of transforming the built-in oven into a real air sanitizer; a unique and exclusive plus that further enriches the functions and equipment of its new range of ovens. The Zefiro sanitizing system is integrated on all Barazza 60 "Icon" ovens, a collection characterized by an innovative design idea.


Zefiro improves air quality in the kitchen environment

The Zefiro system transforms the oven into a real air sanitizer, able to improve the quality of life inside the house. In fact, it performs several functions: it eliminates viruses, bacteria and germs, sanitizing the environment and making it safer, it helps to remove bad smells from the kitchen, working simultaneously with the hood and speeding up its operations. Thanks to its minimal energy consumption, it can be used frequently and moreover, being very silent, it can be activated also during the night.

The Zefiro sanitizing system can be activated in a simple and intuitive way, only when the oven is not engaged in a cooking phase. It can work for time intervals between 2 and 8 hours, with deviations of one hour, depending on the size of the environment to be sanitized.


Air sanitizing system Zefiro: its functioning

Let's see now how the air sanitizing system Zefiro works.

Using the tangential ventilation of the appliance, the air to be purified is sucked in through a series of holes specially placed on the rear side of the oven.

Once inside, the air is conveyed to the upper side and channeled through a double beam of germicidal ultraviolet light, emitted by two UV-C LED plates. The germicidal ultraviolet light modifies the DNA or RNA of the microorganisms it irradiates, preventing them from reproducing or being harmful to humans.

Subsequently, the air, purified of harmful substances and unpleasant odors, is released back into the environment through the slot located on the front side of the oven, between the door and the front controls.