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Sunlit Days quartz surfaces: the first zero-emission collection from Silestone®

Inspired by the Mediterranean, its colors and its nature, Silestone® Sunlit Days, the first zero-emission collection created by Cosentino for the quartz and engineered stone surfaces sector. This testifies to the Cosentino Group's ongoing commitment to sustainability and attention to the environment; in fact, the company is committed to offsetting CO² emissions for the entire production cycle of the new Silestone® collection, making use of various offset projects that are duly certified and included in the Voluntary Carbon Market. This initiative is also flanked by a collaboration program for the conservation of the seabed.


Sunlit Days: a collection inspired by the Mediterranean

Sunlit Days is a collection of quartz surfaces inspired by the Mediterranean, its nature and above all its colors. Color is one of the distinctive features that has made Silestone® so successful since its debut. The Sunlit Days collection offers a fresh, bright style with the typical colors of the Mediterranean, perfect surfaces for different applications such as worktops in the kitchen and bathroom furniture but also for laboratories, hotels, restaurants and professional spaces.
Faro White, Cincel Grey, Arcilla Red, Cala Blue and Posidonia Green: these are the names of the five variants of the collection, behind which there are stories, experiences and expressions of real people who have found their true essence thanks to the Mediterranean.


The five variants of the collection

Faro White represents the white color of the Mediterranean and its sunny cliffs, symbolizing purity, simplicity and serenity. Inspired by the lighthouses that show ships the way, this quartz surface features a silky smooth texture.
Cincel Grey, a balance of warm and cool, is a velvety gray color with a fine grain, making it neutral and versatile. Arcilla Red is a red that smells of earth, exhales fire and smells of rain. An explosion of color, strength, passion and great character. Its soft texture blends harmoniously with its beauty.
Talking about the Mediterranean means talking about the sea, its vastness and its infinite horizon. Cala Blue is a quartz surface of an intense and sophisticated blue that vibrates in contact with the rest of the elements that surround it. Posidonia Green, finally, is a natural green that tells of the beauty of Posidonia meadows, a treasure of the Mediterranean Sea. Energy, joy and nature come together in this color that wants to surprise, hypnotize. The soft and delicate texture of this surface is enriched with this harmonious shade.


Silestone® Sunlit Days and HybriQ+ technology

The Silestone® Sunlit Days collection was created with the exclusive and innovative HybriQ® technology by Silestone®. This new manufacturing process further highlights the company's commitment to the environment, sustainability and towards promoting a circular economy. The process of creating Silestone® products through HybriQ+ technology uses 99% recycled water from the manufacturing process itself, 100% renewable electricity and at least 20% recycled raw materials.
HybriQ+ technology also uses a new formula for making Silestone® collections that significantly reduces the presence of crystalline silica. A hybrid formula of mineral raw materials and materials of recycled origin is used during production, thanks to which the technical and mechanical properties of the product remain intact.

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