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Florim stone porcelain stoneware surfaces: large design slabs, multi-certified
Florim stone, a brand of the Florim Group, was born in 2016 and in five years has managed to establish itself in the world panorama of porcelain stoneware worktops and furniture. The Florim stone porcelain stoneware surfaces in fact combine design and functionality in a single large format - 320x160 cm - and three different thicknesses: 6, 12, both reinforced with glass fiber, and 20 mm.

Ideal surfaces for kitchen tops, washbasin tops and tables

Composed of a natural mixture of ceramic clays and mineral colors, Florim stone porcelain stoneware surfaces have all the typical characteristics of porcelain stoneware: they are unalterable over time, stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, waterproof, resistant to high temperatures, atmospheric stress and UV rays, hygienic and extremely easy to clean.
To these advantages are added those aesthetic-material peculiarities able to evoke natural stone, marble, cement, oxidized metals. Some of the marble effects are also available in the "open book" version, which gives the idea of continuity of the vein, reflected on the surfaces in a mirror-like manner.
With about 40 graphic variants, 7 finishes and 3 different surfaces, the Florim stone slabs are suitable to satisfy the most diverse application solutions, offering the maximum aesthetic versatility to realise projects for exteriors and interiors, horizontally or vertically, such as kitchen tops and bar counters, bathroom tops, sinks, tables, doors.

Florim stone: multi-certified slabs

Florim stone porcelain stoneware surfaces are NSF (National Sanitation Foundation - Food Equipment Materials) and Kosher certified and therefore "suitable for use in direct contact with foodstuffs and the relative liquid condensates produced by them". Ideal for worktops and tables, these large slabs are also a safe choice for the environment thanks to Greenguard gold certification, which protects the health and well-being of people by improving air quality and reducing exposure to indoor chemicals.
Florim stone slabs also respond to the basic principles of the circular economy, that is, reduce, reuse and recycle. In fact, they are the result of a virtuous process that recycles 100% of the raw production waste, reuses 100% of the waste water and reduces up to 100% of the electricity purchased because it is self-produced internally.