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SapienStone 4D ceramic slabs for technologically advanced surfaces
SapienStone, the brand of the Iris Ceramica Group, specialized in the application of ceramic surfaces as a design element, revolutionizes the range of ceramic slabs and creates new aesthetic and emotional standards.

The Iris Ceramica Group's research into technological innovation has taken a new step forward in re-engineering ceramics, bringing the material to a completely new and superior evolutionary stage, further perfecting the Full-body technology and creating a technologically advanced surface: this is how Ceramica 4D was born. 


A surface with a sustainable soul

As in nature, the 4D ceramic surface arises from stratification and becomes solid as a rock; composed of natural minerals, it contains in 12 and 20mm thickness all its history and the elements that give rise to life: water, fire and earth.

It is a surface with a sustainable soul, the same that characterizes the Iris Ceramica Group, embodying its values.

The result is a ceramic surface that contains the same surface decoration in its thickness, thus recreating natural veins, color shades, geometric designs or patterns, totally eliminating the distinction between surface and edge.

New perspectives for interior design projects

Aesthetic research and experimentation on the expressive power of matter characterize the uniqueness of SapienStone proposals, from which furnishing solutions that express aesthetics, function and emotion take shape. Thanks to 4D Ceramics, SapienStone can best express the expressive potential of the new dimension of ceramic surfaces. Indeed, 4D Ceramics amplify the aesthetic potential of the material, paving the way for new perspectives for the use and creation of countertops intended for the world of furniture and the kitchen, such as tables, worktops, shelves and furnishing accessories.

The 4D Ceramic slab becomes the element of a new architectural language and narrates, in its thickness, the beauty and complexity of the material.


New format: 160x320cm

The new 160x320cm format is also born. Large ceramic slabs have conquered an important space in interior design projects and, thanks to this new format, SapienStone reduces processing waste in the transformation phase. The 160cm width makes it possible to obtain two perfect tops of 80cm each, which reflect the standard measurements of tables or kitchen islands. Furthermore, from an aesthetic point of view, the possibility of reducing the joints gives a more monolithic appearance to the large slab.


Cashmere finish: a tactile surface

SapienStone also offers the new Cashmere finish which enhances the emotional aspect for engaging living comfort. A smooth, soft and velvety surface that reveals a natural couture esprit of high-tech ceramic surfaces, extremely pleasant to the touch.

To obtain the Cashmere finish, SapienStone uses a cutting-edge production process capable of enhancing the high technical and aesthetic performance of ceramics.