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Lapitec® stone kitchen countertop with integrated touch sink

Lapitec continues its process of research and application development of the sintered stone “full-body“ and has proposed to Sicam a series of high tech innovations that will innovate the approach of this material in the kitchen world. Up to now, in fact, the Lapitec® has been used above all as material for the worktop. Its technical and aesthetic functionality, the availability of finishes and nuances, have made it a success among the kitchen producers in Italy and abroad. The extreme workability of the material, available in large slabs at “full-body“ and with calibrated thicknesses, has allowed it to be used also for doors, shelves, offering designers ample creative possibilities with particular cuts and difficult processes.


Lapitec and Vimar together for the fully touch kitchen countertop.


Sicam, the Venetian company, in collaboration with Vimar, wanted to present exclusively a Lapitec® stone kitchen countertop. More precisely, three different types of application of the technology developed by Vimar have been exhibited: two on the horizontal kitchen top, while the third on the backsplash. Thanks to this partnership it is possible to interface the plan with the home automation system by assigning touch controls to specific functions: just touch the surface to activate or deactivate lights, blinds or any other electronic device connected to the kitchen.From an aesthetic point of view, this high-tech innovation allows for a minimal effect in the kitchen, with completely flat and clean surfaces, without plates and switches, capable of enhancing the large dimensions of the Lapitec slabs. Another news proposed by the company is Orion, a sink integrated into the worktop in Lapitec® already available in two variants: 70x40 and 50x40 cm which gives the kitchen an effect of absolute aesthetic and stylistic continuity, with semi-invisible joints and gluing. The minimal approach is the concept that ideally combines all the Lapitec kitchen, skillfully putting in relation digital innovations and aesthetic research, design and innovation.

Lapitec: sintered stone slabs

Lapitec® is an innovative, “full-body“ sintered stone, formed in large slabs, which combines aesthetic value with large dimensions and very high physical and mechanical properties. Lapitec® is the largest sintered stone surface available on the market. It is produced in sheets in thicknesses of 12, 20 or 30 mm. The thicknesses 12 and 20 mm guarantee a plate dimension of 3365x1500 mm (5.05sqm), while the 30 mm guarantees a plate dimension of 1460x3365 mm (4.91 sqm). Being a “full-body“ material and easy to work with, it can be used for a multitude of applications: from internal and external wall claddings to floorings, from kitchen countertops to ventilated facades.The Lapitec® surface is totally free of porosity, does not absorb, does not stain,it is resistant to bacteria and mold. It is also produced respecting the environment and the consumer, as it is absent from resins, does not contain petroleum derivatives,it  is antibacterial and is completely inert.