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Outdoor kitchen: Barazza presents the new collection for the outdoor space
The difficult period that has just passed has taught us to appreciate the value of change, to assign new functions to the environments in which we live, hosting work and relationships in a hybrid context, in which the kitchen has increasingly become the fulcrum of domestic life.

Not only that, even the outdoor space is completely re-evaluated and redesigned to be able to fully enjoy it. Companies attentive to these transformations pay more and more attention to the outdoors both in furnishings and in the kitchen.


Barazza Outdoor Collection: Thalas hobs

With the AISI 316 stainless steel outdoor collection, Barazza proposes an organic, personalized and flexible project, able to give the outdoor space quality, well-being and pleasure to share. The beauty of design goes hand in hand with functionality, creating a collection designed to offer endless possibilities to better manage new spaces.

The heart of the Barazza Outdoor collection are the Thalas hobs, a name that has its origins in Greek mythology, indicating the divine and feminine personification of the sea.

Beautiful and resistant to atmospheric agents and sea salt, Thalas freestanding hobs are easily transportable and can be positioned anywhere, specializing in different cooking and food preparation techniques. They are completed by a practical multipurpose Cover, an accessory that performs the triple task of transforming itself into a practical tray, to transport the dishes from the hob to the table, to protect the hobs when not in use, and to give the environment a greater cleanliness of the lines.

The built-in version of the Thalas hobs offers the same functions as the freestanding hobs and an exceptional aesthetic effect on the worktops.


Outdoor Collection: sinks and square bowls

The sinks and square bowls of the Barazza Outdoor collection are different in size and type of built-in, united by the clean lines and the particular chemical composition of AISI 316 stainless steel which makes them even more resistant to corrosion caused by salt.

An essential design characterizes the Lab Cover 316 sink with the new Thalas mixer tap in AISI 316 stainless steel, with remote control and completely foldable. Once knocked down, it can be housed under the lid, to optimize space and make the worktop more clean. The special shape of the overflow B has been designed to give an exclusive signature to all the stainless steel sinks and bowls of the Outdoor line.