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Ostermann Group: “The world of the edge” at Interzum 2017

Ostermann, at Interzum in Cologne, presented “The world of edge“: in the stand a lot of visitors, both national and foreign, were able to appreciate the wide variety of assortment of edges exposed on 16 walls and were welcomed and suggested by Germans, Dutch, Belgians, British, French and Italians of Ostermann Group.
The new edges suitable for the latest collections of Egger, Pfleiderer and FunderMax that enrich the wide range of solid colours and wood decors Ostermann. Equally appreciated by visitors the great selection of edges in real wood and acrylic 3D edges, in addition to the edges with cement or metal effect.
Ostermann has also exposed a wide range of glues and detergents, as well as technical profiles. The specialist of the edges in fact provides not only hot-melt glues, but also vinyl glues and for veneer, for special applications, contact glues and urea resins.
Ostermann has welcomed visitors in a multimedia stand: in fact all products exposed from  edges to glues, until RollBeton, a wall coating in concrete effect, were joined by monitor which proposed its informative tutorials. How to use the product on display, such as its advantages, such as suggestions and the best directions for use a product or another.  All videos are now also available through the OstermannTV channel on YouTube.
In addition to videos Ostermann has provided, at the stand, a modern touch screen terminal.  Under the slogan “Digital @ Ostermann“ were submitted all important information on the online Shop and its interfaces for different software to carpentry.


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