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Assopiuma: certification of biodegradable feathers/downs
Assopiuma, the Italian association of leading down padding manufacturers, has chosen to certify, through rigorous laboratory tests, the biodegradability of 100% natural down and feathers. The environmental sustainability of the material is now more than ever the focus of attention of the association, which also wanted to meet the strong demand from designers, furniture manufacturers and end consumers for products that are increasingly environmentally friendly.

Feather and down: officially certified "100% biodegradable"

Rigorous testing and the certificate of conformity issued by the specialized analysis laboratory Hohenstein have confirmed the scientific data regarding the timing and method of degradation of the feather/down, which is therefore now officially certified "100% biodegradable".  The feathers and down analyzed have in fact degraded in 5 months. The result, which is very interesting, makes it possible to calculate the transformation time of the material at the end of its life in composting plants. Feathers and down become nitrogenous fertilizer that can be used in agriculture and for domestic gardening, thus reintegrating into the biological-vital cycle, without polluting the soil or groundwater.