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Assopiuma: the new labels feather/down 100% biodegradable

Assopiuma, the Italian association that has been uniting the main feather padding manufacturers since 1981, places the accent on the environmental sustainability of the material, updating the labelling system by adding the wording “100% biodegradable down“.
Today, environmental sustainability is certainly a very important aspect to be taken into consideration for a more and more green oriented design approach and for a more and more conscious purchase of products.


The new “100% biodegradable feather“ labels

The labels are a guarantee for upholstery manufacturers and end consumers that feather is a natural, sustainable, traceable and biodegradable resource. Following rigorous testing and certification by the Hohenstein Specialized Analytical Laboratory, Assopiuma has received scientific data regarding when and how down degrades.
On the basis of this data, Assopiuma wanted to update the labeling system which, while maintaining the division into “ivory“ and “gold“ fillings, adds the wording “100% biodegradable down“. In order to underline the attention paid by producers to environmental protection, the new printing color has also been changed to green.


The feather, a completely biodegradable material

Thanks to their 100% natural origin, feathers are completely biodegradable.  At the end of their long life cycle, they can be transformed, in composting plants, into nitrogenous fertilizer that can be used in agriculture and for domestic gardening, thus reintegrating into the vital biological cycle. Even if unintentionally dispersed in the environment, they degrade in a few months and do not pollute the soil or groundwater.


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