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Assopiuma celebrates 40 years of activity: new art director, new communication and new website

Assopiuma, the national association of the industries producing and processing down and feathers for the furnishing, bedding and fashion sectors, is celebrating its first forty years of activity this year with many new features: a new art director, new communication and a new website.
Founded in 1981 to promote the consumption, knowledge and qualification of down fillings, in these forty years Assopiuma has achieved important goals in the dissemination and regulatory and technical fields: to standardise the use of down it has equipped itself with strict Regulations and a Label, used by Associates as a Quality Mark, with the UNITEX regulations, it has made official the glossary of terms and definitions of component materials, with the Presidency and Secretariat of the CEN 222 European Technical Committee, it has finalised the whole body of European laws defining the use of the material and the manufacturing processes currently in force.
Assopiuma's next objective is the adoption of a new labelling system that will certify the material as “100% biodegradable“.


Ilaria Marelli new art director Assopiuma

In order to promote down and feathers more effectively, Assopiuma has decided to focus on more direct and targeted communication, capable of effectively addressing both interior designers and end consumers. It entrusted this task to Ilaria Marelli, a 360° architect and designer, lecturer in “Design Innovation“ at Milan Polytechnic and NABA with specific experience in branding.
“The work was born from a harmony of intentions, linked to my profound passion for sustainable materials and processes,“ explained the new art director of Assopiuma, who intends to create a communication project capable of making the excellence of a manufacturing production, such as that of feathers, one of the strong points of Made in Italy design, immediately perceptible.
Thanks to teamwork, with the support of ADP Comunicazione, Ilaria Marelli is designing a new photo and video campaign, curated by IKB foto.


Assopiuma, a new communication

Aware of the growing importance of web communication in order to speak with immediacy to a wider audience, Assopiuma has chosen to renew and update its image, starting with the new website. The aim of the operation is to recount the values of the supply chain and open a dialogue with users and upholstery companies to create a real community capable of offering stimuli and ideas to interior and product designers.
Among the topics at the centre of the communication is certainly the sustainability of down, a natural and biodegradable material, indicated for all those companies that seek to adopt solutions and components with a low environmental impact.
The new communication also introduces topics related to the comfort of padding, emphasising the characteristics of the down material: light, breathable, hygroscopic, hypoallergenic.

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