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Feathers for furnishing: from Cinelli Piumini quilts padding solutions for quality sofas

With over 60 years of activity, Cinelli Piume e Piumini is a point of reference in the processing of feathers for furniture and clothing. The 100% made in Italy production, the sensitivity towards the environment and the certifications of the products that attest the high quality are the factors that contribute to make the company an excellence for the textile sector at international level.


Feather and upholstery for quality sofas: a 100% made in Italy production

Cinelli Piume e Piumini continues to carry out the entire production cycle, from the selection of the raw material to the finished product, in its factory in Buggiano (PT). This allows a constant and direct monitoring of the quality levels, a valorisation of the staff experience and a punctual control of all the processing phases. The choice of raw material is fundamental for the highest quality feathers for furniture: for this reason Cinelli includes in its production cycle of selection, washing and sterilization only feathers and down of proven quality coming only from European breeders.


Not only feathers: many solutions for quality sofas

Goose down has a constant elastic power over time. For its down pillows Cinelli uses feathers selected and mixed together to obtain the best results. The product can be customized with feather mixtures created to measure according to the destination of use: seat cushions, backrests, optional cushions, armrest cushions able to guarantee different bearing capacities and softness also according to customers' requests.
The paddings for the creation of sofa cushions do not only include feathers for furniture, but also other types of materials, from fiber to memory foam that allow to obtain excellent results in terms of softness, insulation, comfort and durability. The outer fabric, then, in 100% pure cotton, guarantees perfect breathability. The dense weave prevents feathers and down from coming out.


Cinelli feathers and down jackets: traceability and protection

Cinelli has always worked to guarantee a high quality product, committing itself every day to making its company strategy transparent. As a result of its constant commitment, the company has obtained authoritative certifications to protect its production. The DOWNPASS certification guarantees and promotes the correct protection of animals and the responsible supply of feathers and down jackets while the RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certifies the origin of the raw material with regard to respect and protection of animals that are bred in health in their natural environment. Cinelli has also been a member for years of EDFA (European Down and Feather Association), an international association that brings together the main producers of feather articles in the world. In addition to these important certifications, the company has obtained a prestigious label: NOMITE® which certifies feather and down products suitable for people suffering from allergies to domestic dust.
In addition to this, Cinelli has for many years now started a path of concrete commitment to environmental protection by investing at a structural level, through the adoption of innovative technologies and the exploitation of alternative energies in respect of nature, territory and people.