The new NikolaTesla Switch induction suction floor by Elica

Induction and aspiration in a single product, synthesis of technology and design

The new NikolaTesla Switch induction suction floor by Elica

Great attention to design, research of materials and advanced technologies that can guarantee maximum efficiency and reduced consumption: these are the elements that distinguish the Elica Group, world leader in the kitchen hoods sector.

The company that has revolutionized the traditional image of kitchen hoods over the years, turning them into real design objects, presented its new products at Eurocucina 2018, a perfect synthesis of technological innovation and design.

Among these the new line of NikolaTesla products stands out, innovative suction plates that combine in a single product induction and suction.

NikolaTesla Switch, designed by Fabrizio Crisà, represents the perfect fusion of technology and design.

A large ceramic glass surface houses the cooking and suction functions.

A central ring with a cast iron effect and a glass rim, perfectly flush with the surface of the top, hide the suction system. Simply rotate this circular element and activate the NikolaTesla Switch aspiration.

The new Elica induction suction plate achieves high performance in terms of smoke and odour extraction, silent operation, thanks to a noise level of only 59Dba, and energy efficiency (class A +). Thanks to the use of sensors that recognize the air quality, NikolaTesla Switch is able to automatically adjust the suction speed optimizing consumption. The command interface, intuitive and easy to use, is totally invisible in standby mode, enhancing the aesthetic cleanliness of this product.

The induction suction plate has four cooking zones with latest generation induction systems and is equipped with a double bridge function that allows two adjacent areas to work together in the case of use of large pans.

The surfaces of the floor can be cleaned with great ease; also the maintenance of the filters is simple as they can be easily removed from above. The system patented by Elica provides access to the ceramic anti-odour filters from the top of the flat surface thanks to a glass door that blends in with the aesthetics.

NikolaTesla Switch is available in black ceramic glass combined with cast iron details and white ceramic glass combined with polished steel. The central flap allows 360 degree rotation with double aesthetic finish, on one side glass and on the other cast iron or steel depending on the version chosen. The product is available in both the filtering and the suction version.


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