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The Lapitec Chef induction hob wins the Kitchen Innovation Awards 2023

Lapitec Chef, the innovative under-top induction hob that allows for maximum formal cleanliness of furnishings, won the Kitchen Innovation Award 2023, an award promoted by LifeCare.Network UG and announced with an official ceremony at the Ambiente fair in Frankfurt.

The victory was decreed by the public who wanted to elect it as the best product according to the criteria of "functionality, innovation, product benefit, design and material equality".

"This is the first prize obtained by Lapitec Chef, which confirms our research towards innovation and also allows us to express the best characteristics of sintered stone" -  says Marcello Toncelli, at the helm of the brand, who continues: "We have dedicated several years to the fine-tuning of this product, covered by a patent and developed for the electrothermal part in collaboration with the University of Padua. Our ambition is to make Lapitec the reference surface par excellence in the world of cooking, at an international level, and Lapitec Chef is an indispensable and unique tool through which we can move towards this goal".


Lapitec Chef: mix between aesthetics and technology

Characterized by a perfect mix of aesthetics and technology, performance and functionality, Lapitec Chef is activated by a double Cooking Mat equipped with magnetic sensors; when positioned on the hob, it interacts with the under-top inductors and activates the touch controls and the system, for a total of four cooking areas, even in bridge mode. In the absence of the Mat, the induction hob and the relative displays are instead inactive and guarantee maximum safety. The kitchen top therefore remains completely free: only the display appears together with small incisions that indicate where to place the mat. The worktop can thus be used for food preparation, plating or even as a dining area, thanks to its non-porous, non-absorbent surface, resistant to chemical agents and thermal shock, certified with the NSF Food Zone mark for contact with food.


Customisable, silica free and full body

Lapitec Chef is compatible with all crockery suitable for induction hobs. The Cooking Mat is made of black food-grade silicone with a surface pattern that improves its performance, and is dishwasher safe.

Aesthetically sophisticated and technologically advanced, Lapitec Chef can be customized in all the nuances and finishes of the Lapitec range, silica free and 'full body'.

Lapitec is in fact a "full body" sintered stone, made with a mixture of 100% natural minerals. Material used in architecture, interior and product design, it is available in large slabs with three possible thicknesses (12, 20 and 30 mm), in 18 shades and 6 surface finishes.