Arpa Industriale: new textures, new colours and a new super-opaque surface

The company anticipates and designs avant-garde aesthetic and technical solutions

Arpa Industriale: new textures, new colours and a new super-opaque surface

Since 1954, Arpa Industriale has been designing and manufacturing panels with high quality HPL technology for various applications ranging from architecture to interior design, from healthcare to shipbuilding, from transport industry to hospitality. Arpa Industriale high pressure decorative laminates are produced in the factory in Bra (Piedmont) and they are the result of a "made in Italy" creativity.
In 2013 Arpa Industriale created FENIX NTM, an innovative material for interior design, suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications in different areas: Kitchen, Bathroom, Design Furniture, Retail, Office and Contract. The material was developed by an international multidisciplinary team of 15 researchers through proprietary technologies.
Numerous innovations for 2018 that Arpa Industriale offers for the two product lines HPL, high pressure laminate, and FENIX, nanotechnological materials confirming the company's goal to anticipate and design cutting-edge aesthetic and technical solutions thanks to a constant investment in research and development, which represents 4% of turnover.
In fact, the HPL catalogue is enriched with new decorative items combined with unique finishes such as "Losa", while the FENIX nanotechnological materials present new colours and the new FENIX NTA ™ metal surface.


The new decorative of HPL laminates

The new HPL "Losa" finishing, awarded last May with the Interzum award: Intelligent Material and Design 2017, is a tribute to the slate stone materiality. The three-dimensional effect that characterizes it is obtained thanks to the twelve levels of engraving of the sheet used for production.
The HPL catalogue is enriched with a selection of new decorative items enhanced by material and expressive finishes such as Alevè, which is designed to give softness to the wood essence, Luna, characterized by "wrinkled" lines ideal for decorations that reproduce the stones, Mika, with small brilliant drops sensitive to light variations and Flatting, marked by light material reliefs.


The FENIX NTA innovation and the new FENIX NTM colours

Arpa Industriale expands the range of products of the "FENIX" brand with FENIX NTA, a material that is the result of in-house technology and three years of research and development.
FENIX NTA, or NanoTech Alloy material, is a "smart" and super-opaque surface whose structure is composed of a metal sheet; this component makes it an extremely elegant and always up-to-date technological material for furniture. The material is also characterized by a surface treatment with new generation acrylic resins, hardened and fixed through the Electron Beam Curing process.
Soft to the touch, anti-fingerprint, resistant to scratches, FENIX NTA is excellent for visual comfort due to its opacity and has thermal reparability of superficial micro scratches. Easy to work and edge banding, FENIX NTA is ideal for projects that require a durable and non-corrosive metal material.
The other innovative material FENIX NTM expands its already extensive range with six new colours: Jaipur Red, Comodoro Green, Arizona Beige, Antrim Grey, Fes Blue, Orinoco Cacao. These colours are aesthetically modular with all the nuances of the FENIX collection. The nineteen colours are available in various thicknesses (from 0,9 mm to 12 mm) and in a full colour section (colour matching core).



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