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News: Paddings materials

Assopiuma: the value of tailoring

Assopiuma, an association created to promote and certify feather and down products according to the highest...
In: Foam Cushioning Publication date:  19/04/2022

Poliuretano E’: a new appointment to learn about the qualities of the material

The new issue of "Poliuretano-è quality", the series that tells the many characteristics of flexible...
In: Polyurethane Publication date:  14/03/2022

Assopiuma: certification of biodegradable feathers/downs

Assopiuma, the Italian association of the main producers of down fillings, has chosen to certify, through...
In: Foam Cushioning Publication date:  10/01/2022

Elcam padding materials: innovative products for maximum comfort

Elcam, a company specialized in the production and transformation of padding materials, offers some innovative...
In: Paddings materials Publication date:  20/12/2021 Company: Elcam Srl

Expanded polyurethane: unusual creative and functional solutions proposed by Finemateria

Finemateria is back at Edit Napoli, the trade fair dedicated to designer design, with two new projects...
In: Polyurethane Publication date:  22/11/2021

Flexible polyurethane foam: industrial waste becomes useful and valuable

During Milan Design Week 2021, Spaces Isola hosted the thematic installation Window Display - Foamy Fantasy,...
In: Polyurethane Publication date:  01/10/2021 Company: Pelma S.p.A.

Assopiuma: the new labels feather/down 100% biodegradable

Assopiuma, the Italian association that since 1981 unites the main producers of feather padding, updates...
In: Foam Cushioning Publication date:  22/09/2021

Materials for padding Elcam: innovative products with high quality standards

Elcam, a company specializing in the production and processing of upholstery materials, offers some innovative...
In: Paddings materials Publication date:  15/09/2021 Company: Elcam Srl

Poliuretano è: waste takes on a new life at the WastEnders exhibition

At SuperStudio Più, 'Poliuretano è' presents, in collaboration with Materially, the exhibition WastEnders...
In: Polyurethane Publication date:  06/09/2021

Assopiuma celebrates 40 years of activity: new art director, new communication and new website

Assopiuma, the association that promotes the consumption, knowledge and qualification of down fillings,...
In: Foam Cushioning Publication date:  02/08/2021

This section will present the novelties of the companies that produce and process for filling materials. The padding materials are considered very important in the furniture and furnishing. The products that make up this category are manifold such as polyurethane foam, foam padding, pocket springs, latex, fibers etc. In this section you can find the best companies that produce or work padding materials that are used for the production of mattresses, sofas, armchairs, pillows and more. Through this page you can view the products and catalogs of manufacturers, if necessary you can contact directly with the company that produces materials for padding through the contact form present in each card.