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This area is dedicated to the best proposals of kitchen furniture accessories, able to make the kitchen an orderly, aesthetically impeccable and functionally efficient environment. The kitchen furniture fittings concern different tools necessary for the internal organization of the kitchen environment: corner mechanisms, bins, cutlery trays, dish drainer, pull-outs, pull-out baskets, spice holders, systems for drawers, plinths and much more.

Following a careful analysis, the Furnishingidea team has collected the innovations of the most influential leading companies in the sector, engaged in the experimentation of new materials and in the design of contemporary design and advanced mechanisms to live the kitchen environment in total comfort.

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In order for the kitchen to be a tidy, efficient and intuitive place for indoor activities in the everyday life of every individual, it must be equipped with the right tools to optimize the interior spaces of the furniture.  For example, pull-out kitchen drawers are an excellent way of rationalising furniture spaces, since they can contain objects of various kinds such as cups, cups, plates, kitchen cutlery and crockery in general.  Moreover, in the same way and for the same purposes, the kitchen corner mechanisms represent intelligent solutions on how to organize a functional kitchen and to make the most of the kitchen corners that are difficult to use. In fact, in these spaces it is possible to store objects of less frequent use for a smooth management of all the equipment present in the kitchen. 

Kitchen furniture equipment that decisively simplifies domestic tasks also includes a dish drainer. The dish drainer - the cabinet in which clean dishes are stored so that they dry out from excess water - has now become an essential kitchen accessory to facilitate dishwashing.