Scandola Mobili chooses the new line of Bio paints by Ica

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Scandola Mobili chooses the new line of Bio paints by Ica

Scandola Mobili has always been attentive to the selection of raw materials and their processing to ensure a high quality product, cared in design, 100% natural and therefore careful to respect the environment and man.

The company of Bosco Chiesanuova (Verona) specializing in fir wood furniture that comes from controlled cultivations, has chosen to use water-based paints, totally non-toxic and also certified for children's toys produced by Ica, partners who develops the search for safe, resistant and completely ecological products. Indeed, recently, the choice of Scandola Mobili has been directed towards the new line of ICA BIO paints, water based, which use raw materials from recycled materials and with production phases of lower environmental impact.

The new Iridea BIO coatings are in fact made with renewable materials deriving from innovative refining processes of "waste" vegetable substances, not competitive with human nutrition, oriented towards the principles of the circular economy. They are free of harmful emissions for an increasingly natural and eco-friendly product, have hardness, chemical and light resistance, as well as industrial workability, similar to the corresponding ICA products of oil derivation and in some cases even higher. In addition, the mono and two-component bottoms of the Iridea BIO line have a high sanding and resistance to overlapping, allowing its use in high productivity industrial processing cycles.


BIO water-based varnishes with a virtuous production cycle

BIO water-based paints are produced with non-toxic and ecological renewable raw materials (water plus BIO resin), with a very low VOC content (volatile organic compounds) and whose production cycle drastically reduces CO2 emissions.

A thousand kg of Iridea BIO paint for interior furnishings allows you to cut 300 kg of CO2, or the equivalent of carbon dioxide emitted by a car that travels 2521 km. The Arborea BIO varnish for outdoor furnishings can even reduce 530 kg of emissions with the same amount (1000 kg), practically 4454 km covered by a car.

Thanks to the collaboration with the University of Camerino and the La Sapienza University of Rome, tests were performed on the BIO range to evaluate the "biogenicity" of the material used. These are investigations about the nature of the carbon present in the paints that allow to verify the derivation from fossil sources or from plant biomass. Using the C14 dating technique, it was possible to determine a renewable content ranging from 30% to 40%.


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