Aluminum outlines Ossicolor

High quality in an ever-changing range

Aluminum outlines Ossicolor

Ossicolor was born in Trento in 1971 and it grown thanks to innovation and creativeness. Main objective of the company is to cross ever-explored roads in order to make the daily life more exciting and comforting. Its exclusive, innovative and highly customizable products have been distributed in numerous Countries, among which Germany, France, Canada, Austria, United Kingdom and Spain.     
Ossicolor is set beside the buyer assuring an highly professional service of customized planning. On the strength of a productive cycle all inside it, the company guarantees the constant monitoring of each step of process. Organized so that to guarantee the standardisation of process, also for extremely little orders, Ossicolor satisfies the great buyers thanks to an automatized and flexible cycle of production. Its ample range of numerical control centers allows the company to produce different articles for dimensions and quantities, in order to obtain the productive efficiency always result of the qualitative excellence.
Finally, the employment of innovative robotic machining centers underlines the appointment of Ossicolor for obtaining the most elevated degrees of precision, synonymous of total reliability.
To the mechanical processes of the aluminum outlines, Ossicolor adds an ample range of superficial treatments. The preparatory treatments of cleaning, polishing and mechanical coating contribute to raise the aesthetical and functional potentialities of every product. The use of polishing systems to elevated automation always guarantees a constant qualitative level and an optimal productive efficiency. The processes of anodic oxidation and electro-chlorination, aimed to get maximum protection and perfect rigorous colors, they confer to the products a distinctive character in terms of versatility, beauty and duration over time.
The assemblage, combined to the personalization with interventions of screen press, gives life to finished product characterized by quality, elegance and duration.
The ample range of products extruded in aluminum leagues of Ossicolor is in continuous evolution satisfying the demands of the producers of furnishing and complements, but also those of different industries active in the fields of the sporting, cold, housebuilding, electronics and alternative energies equipment.


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