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Hardware for furniture, upholstery, kitchen, coatings and furnishing systems.

News on products, companies, technologies and fairs for the production and marketing of furniture hardware, furniture accessories and semi-finished products for furniture.

Videos from Frabo Adesivi spa

Company Profile Frabo Adesivi

Frabo Adesivi uses advanced technologies for the production of water-based and solvent-based adhesives, demonstrating reliability to its customers. Watch the video.

Polyurethane bonding adhesive

Aquagum, the water-based adhesive for polyurethane in the furniture sector, offers high performance and professional bonding. Watch the video.

The bonding of polyurethane cushions

Frabo Adesivi shows the different phases of bonding polyurethane cushions through the use of advanced machinery. Watch the video.

Aquagum NoFog adhesive product by Frabo Adesivi

Aquagum NoFog is the innovative product from Frabo Adesivi that allows perfect bonding in the furniture industry sector. Watch the video.

Adhesive products for mattress factory by Frabo Adesivi

Frabo Adesivi produces different types of glues and adhesive products for furniture and mattresses, including the water-based adhesive Acquagum. Watch the video.

Adhesive products for spring mattresses by Frabo Adesivi

The adhesive products for spring mattresses by Frabo Adesivi allow the perfect bonding of PU mattresses, boxed mattresses and more. Watch the video.

Plants for the application of adhesive products for furniture by Frabo Adesivi

The systems with pressure and pump systems allow the perfect application of two-component water-based glues in the furniture sector. Watch the video.

Two-component water-based gravity system

The Frabo Adesivi gravity system allows the uniform application of two-component water-based adhesive products for furniture. Watch the video.

Single-component water-based gravity system

The system for applying single-component water-based adhesive products allows professional gluing of rubber and wood for furniture. Watch the video.

FRABO Adesivi: Quality and innovation at the customer's service

Frabo Adesivi is a company specialized in the production of solvent-based and water-based adhesives and glues for processing in various industrial sectors.

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Frabo Adesivi spa

via Garibaldi 76/78, Carugate, 20061, Milano, Italia

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