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Winch series flap door mechanisms by Effegibrevetti: functionality and design

A company specialising in the design and development of state-of-the-art mechanical products, Effegibrevetti continues its constant research into high design solutions that can satisfy any requirement. Thanks to the experience gained in over 30 years of activity, the company has developed the Winch series of mechanisms for folding doors, consisting of Winch, Miniwinch, Microwinch and Nanowinch.


Winch: a functional and elegant mechanism

Winch is an opening mechanism for blind and framed tilt doors. It can be mounted on the inside of the frame with screws inserted in the appropriate holes or embedded in a milled hole on the inside of the frame. It is equipped with a damped opening; the length of the cable and the strength of the spring are adjustable. It is a patented mechanism that cancels the weight of the door during closing, ensuring the user the minimum effort. It is available in ABS in various colors or in polished aluminum.


Miniwinch, Microwinch and Nanowinch: reduced dimensions and simplicity of use

The range of mechanisms for tilt and turn doors in the Winch series expands with three more mechanisms that seek to reduce size and complexity to suit different environments: Miniwinch, Microwinch and Nanowinch. Like Winch, MiniWinch, Microwinch and Nanowinch are opening mechanisms for blind and framed tilt and turn doors. In addition to their dimensions, they differ from Winch in that they are symmetrical and can therefore be installed on either the left or right side of the cabinet.


A new product in the Winch series

The Winch series will be further enriched because Effegibrevetti research is about to give life to a brand new product which will be presented in October. It will certainly be an innovative and original solution that will perfectly combine functionality and aesthetics to offer greater comfort and efficiency