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Scm Group: 2019 financial results confirm its financial solidity and reward innovation

A world leader in technologies for processing a wide range of materials, Scm Group continues to invest in innovation, digital manufacturing and strengthening its sales and after-sales service network in all strategic markets and the results prove it right.
In fact, the Group closed 2019 with a turnover of over 700 million euros, turnover in line with the record numbers obtained in 2018, the budget for the year and the order book, thanks to the recovery that has taken place in recent months. The 2019 financial results reflect an improvement in the net financial position compared with the previous year, which amounted to more than 70 million euros.

Positive results achieved and future investment programs

These figures demonstrate the Group's solidity and show that 2019 was a positive year, in line with the excellent results achieved in 2018 in all strategic markets, such as the United States, and in all the Group's business segments represented by Scm for wood, Cms for other materials and Hiteco for high-tech industrial components.
Continuing to invest to consolidate the leadership of all divisions in their respective areas of expertise, from the furniture industry to construction, from automotive to aerospace, from marine to plastics processing, and conquering new market niches in rapidly expanding application areas are the main objectives of the Scm Group.
In this regard, Scm Group General Manager Marco Mancini, said that, satisfied with the performance recorded, it is necessary to maintain adequate levels of investment and continue to push more and more on innovation, digitization, customer support services and continuous training of our employees.
“It is important to make far-sighted choices, as has also happened during the last intense year - added Giovanni Gemmani, Chairman of Scm Group. This is why we continue to invest with the aim of being increasingly rooted in the markets, with solid subsidiaries. The continuous improvement, both of our products and services and of our skills, must become a way of life, our way of thinking and working every day, to face the new challenges that await us more and more confident“.


The main successes of the Scm Group in 2019

The positive results achieved last year by the Scm Group are the result of a long-term management strategy and of important projects and initiatives implemented throughout 2019.
As regards training, for example, which is certainly one of the Group's strengths, during 2019 over 3,000 people took part in almost 500 courses, for a total of 42,000 hours of training. Campus, the Scm Group's training centre, coordinates and promotes all activities aimed at developing the professional, technical, managerial and managerial skills of the Group's employees and is a point of reference for the areas of expertise and for customers who can also follow e-learning courses with Scm Group experts on the latest technological trends remotely.
Another interesting initiative is the establishment of the Innovation Award, an award for employees who can suggest the best innovative product and process ideas for each individual technology of the wide range of Scm Group products.  The Award, established three years ago on an annual basis, now becomes quarterly to further increase the generation of innovative ideas, easy to apply and high competitive value.
The activities of the Group's in-house Innovation Team, which works in close synergy with some of the world's most renowned research centres with the aim of investing in innovation projects that provide added value such as digital innovation and the development of new technologies and applications for the processing of innovative materials, are also continuing.
Innovation workshops and technology roadmaps to identify, develop and implement specific technologies for new business objectives are also continuing.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The success of a company is also measured by respect and attention to its employees: this is why Scm Group has implemented the new CSR project, i.e. Corporate Social Responsibility. Thanks to the involvement of groups of voluntary employees, innovative projects of a social and environmental nature and in support of the territories in which the Scm Group operates have been launched. These include a waste and waste reduction plan that will be progressively developed in all the sites in Italy and abroad. In 2020 the project will continue with other actions that will still see the Group's human resources playing a leading role.

In the photo: Scm Group Chairman Giovanni Gemmani, on the left, and Scm Group General Manager Marco Mancini.

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