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Scm collaborates to the relaunch of the San Patrignano Cabinet Making
Scm, one of the world's leading companies in technologies for processing a wide range of materials, has been collaborating for forty years with the Community of San Patrignano, a collaboration that has its roots on the common values ​​of corporate social responsibility and support for territory. Thanks to this partnership, the San Patrignano Cabinet Making is renewed by equipping itself with technologies that are in step with the needs of design and wood-furniture to offer young people from the Community an opportunity for training and professional integration.

A laboratory with a long history

In the early years, the artisan workshop involved less than a dozen young people to devote themselves mostly to internal maintenance of the structure. In the following decades, there has been a progressive increase in the number and technological level of the machines used for the carpentry activity and by the early 1990s the children involved have become about a hundred. At the same time, an increasingly close bond was also created with Scm's collaborators and technicians engaged in training children and their teachers, with great human as well as professional involvement.

Today the Carpentry has evolved into Cabinet making, an artisan excellence chosen by internationally renowned architects for the creation of prestigious and high quality design works; this is flanked by other high craftsmanship workshops of the San Patrignano Design Lab used for weaving, leather goods, welding and for the production of wallpaper.


A project dedicated to sustainability and high craftsmanship

The laboratory exudes energy and creativity. Luigi De Vito, General Manager of the SCM Group, underlines how San Patrignano offers these young people a concrete opportunity for 'rebirth' through professional training and crafts that enhance their personal skills, while also bringing them closer to the technologies most used in companies in the Italian wood-furniture sector. "For this reason, Scm Group, which has always had among its founding values ​​the centrality of people with their talents and skills, - says De Vito - wanted to support this project in the name of sustainability and high craftsmanship".

“Our world was born, and will always remain based, on manual skills - declares Sandro Pieri, director of the Design area of ​​San Patrignano -. However, technology also assumes a strong educational value for young people to the extent that it allows them to acquire knowledge and skills strongly required by the world of work ".

For this reason, the need was felt to renew the machinery of the Cabinet Making and Scm has guaranteed the most advanced technologies at "zero cost".

In addition to the Cabinet Making, the collaboration relationship between San Patrignano and Scm Group also concerns the Community metalworking workshop, which assembles the bases of some of the Scm machines for the hobbyist and carpenter. A further opportunity for educational enrichment and professional growth for the guests of the structure.