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Salone del Mobile.Milano: Maria Porro signs the Sustainability Policy of Events
Regeneration, circularity, energy saving, attention to people and communities have always been themes at the heart of the mission, vision and strategy of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, inspiring its sustainable way of operating.

For this reason, the Salone has structured and focused its sustainability path for the 2023 event in a document entitled 'Sustainability Policy of the Salone del Mobile.Milano', signed by the president Maria Porro. The text contains the concrete commitments and objectives that the event has set itself to guide its business model in an inclusive, responsible and sustainable development process.


The main principles

For several editions, the Salone has already been concretely committed to seeking solutions and implementing virtuous practices such as joining the United Nations Global Compact, the most important global initiative for corporate sustainability, sharing Green Guidelines for the design and construction of the exhibition stands and the start of the certification process for the ISO 20121 sustainable event management system.

Promotion of the environmental, social and economic compatibility of the activities and services provided, respect for people, business ethics and satisfaction of the needs and expectations of its stakeholders: these are the pillars on which the document "Sustainability Policy" is based.

Signed commitments

The Salone del Mobile.Milano, together with the top management and with the support of all internal and external staff operating under its control, will be committed to implementing the plan.

These are the commitments entered into: first of all implement the procedures necessary for the 61st edition of the event and all the activities related to it to be carried out in compliance with the applicable mandatory requirements, contractual requirements and ISO 20121:2013.

Risks and opportunities related to their activities should also be assessed to minimise potential environmental, social and economic impacts.

According to the document, it is then necessary to adopt solutions that allow natural resources to be managed in the best possible way and prevent environmental pollution; moreover, the supply chain must be involved in a sustainable growth perspective, improved communication with internal and external stakeholders on the theme of sustainability also through the digital platform of the Salone.


New exhibition format development models

The theme of sustainability, at the heart of the document, requires to sensitize also the event participants and all the staff through appropriate information actions that increase awareness. The Salone is also committed to research new models for the development of the exhibition format and to identify and promote solidarity initiatives and projects for sustainable mobility and in support of accessibility for disabled people.

Through training and awareness programs, we will try to enhance employees and their professional growth at all levels, with a view to individual responsibility and skills development. Finally, the document provides for the promotion of inclusion while respecting the rights of workers, partners and visitors.

Salone del Mobile.Milano is also committed to implementing and maintaining a system of continuous monitoring of the performance of its Management System for the Sustainability of Events, in order to pursue the improvement of its service, the satisfaction of its stakeholders and the increase in the sustainability level of the event.