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Rehau Rauvisio s exclusive program that emphasizes the essential and stylish design of glass and polished qualityRehau Rauvisio s exclusive program that reinterprets the surfaces in a completely innovative and makes the endless possibilities of design in furniture design. The new surfaces Rauvisio Rauvisio Brilliant Crystal and interpret the present trend that favors the simple and elegant design of the glass and the quality of the traditional glossy lacquered elements, changing the mode of production. Rauvisio, in fact, a complete program that includes in a single system all the components necessary for the production of the front, sides and niches of high quality: providing the surfaces in acrylic, glued on wooden support and relative counterbalancing, in combination with the solutions of edging laser RAUKANTEX laser edge, Rehau simplifies the machining process and ensures perfect results both from the point of view of color that functional. Rauvisio Crystal allows you to design the front and side of the glass furniture looking natural, with all the advantages of working with polymer laminate. This product also makes use of an innovative lacquering process that allows you to reach the highest level of scratch resistance. Available in a large size and low weight, the novelty Rehau allows you to create different shapes and custom cuts. Designed as an alternative to traditional lacquered elements, Brilliant Rauvisio the super glossy acrylic sheet that offers the latest generation of mirror surfaces looking completely uniform. Lunione indissoluble between edge and panel permitted by laser technology, without effect junctions and without joints makes the surface glossy Rehau down on the whole panel for a new sheen of quality and perfection incomparable aesthetics.


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Category: Doors for furniture
Publication date: 28/10/2014

Synergy Technology Harp, Biesse and Rehau

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Category: ABS edges
Publication date: 22/04/2014