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REDOCOL Teclinex One For All by Ostermann: effective and safe

The REDOCOL Teclinex One For All detergent from Ostermann is a valuable multi-purpose product that reduces the amount of detergents used in carpentry, thus simplifying storage as well.
Recent results, obtained from tests by independent institutes, have confirmed the efficacy, tolerability and safety of the product.
Based on raw materials of vegetable origin, REDOCOL Teclinex One For All also allows the cleaning of delicate surfaces such as acrylic edges. The detergent has been successfully tested by Ostermann for its entire range of ABS, acrylic, melamine and veneered edges. Gentle cleaning is also guaranteed on the surfaces of metal furniture or metal components. This is why Teclinex One For All fits perfectly into the REDOCOL product line as a sustainable and environmentally friendly detergent.


Safe use on the edge banding machine

REDOCOL Teclinex One For All can be used with excellent results even on aggregates with thermo-fusible EVA or PU adhesives, as well as hot air, NIR and laser. Its delicate use on chain conveyors and polyurethane rollers has been tested according to DIN EN ISO 62 and certified as “very good“. Also the anticorrosive behavior of Teclinex One For All on non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, galvanized steel, zinc and brass according to DIN EN ISO 2812-1 has been successfully tested.
It has also been found that the parts of the non-ferrous metal beading machine are not affected by the detergent. For this REDOCOL Teclinex One For All is a suitable and safe detergent to be used with all the common spray systems of beading machines.


Dermatologically tested

The skin's tolerability to detergent has been dermatologically certified by an accredited independent institute, Dermatest GmbH, and certified as “very good“, in accordance with DIN EN 12720.


An application video on OstermannTV

To make the advantages of the product known, Ostermann has prepared an application video on REDOCOL Teclinex One For All: from simple storage to safe use at a manual level or through a beading machine, up to the immediate processing of the pieces in the production process immediately after cleaning. The video shows how the detergent evaporates quickly without leaving residues or how quickly and easily cleans delicate 3D acrylic edges or persistent pencil marks. The experts at Ostermann also recommend cleaning chain conveyors on a regular basis with Teclinex One For All to prevent them from leaving annoying marks on extra-glossy or supermatt surfaces.


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