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Poliuretano-è News: a newsletter to promote flexible polyurethane foam is born

Poliuretano-é is continuing the information path it has been following in recent years to promote the quality of flexible polyurethane foam with the creation of Poliuretano-è News, a free periodical newsletter, rich in multimedia content.
In this lockdown period, the Poliuretano-é communication project, supported by Italy's leading companies in the production of flexible polyurethane foam and by the main international industries of raw materials, additives and components, has adopted a new way of providing information through the creation of newsletters sent periodically to a selected mailing list of over 1000 industrial designers, producers and journalists.
Marco Pelucchi, head of the Poliuretano-è project, says: “In a difficult historical period like the one we are experiencing, we have focused on technology to keep our communication project alive. Our mission is to give maximum visibility to the evolution of this material by looking at production processes and innovative uses, focusing on new solutions that combine high performance with eco-sustainability.


Polyurethane-è performing

Under the umbrella of “Polyurethane-è performing“ there are various newsletter contents that provide interesting information on the many approaches that the flexible polyurethane foam industry is developing to meet the growing need to adopt processes that are compatible with environmental balances. The contents of this new series of publications have also been realised thanks to the collaboration of Politecnico di Milano, PoliMi and the Italian Design Institute.
The communication of “Poliuretano-è performante“ is completed by a series of video-interviews with companies, designers or entrepreneurs who have been able to interpret the potential of flexible polyurethane foam by creating innovative objects on a functional and aesthetic level, industrial objects of large numbers as well as limited editions.


An e-book on the concept of eco-sustainability in flexible polyurethane foam

With the first newsletter it is possible to download free of charge the first 80-page e-book that scientifically tackles the concept of eco-sustainability in the field of flexible polyurethane foam, which includes a very wide and varied range of actions: from chemical recycling to post-consumer treatments on a mechanical basis, from energy recovery through combustion to the organisation of integrated processes that manage the passage of the product at the end of its life, from delivery centres to areas where materials are separated and reprocessed.


Poliuretano-è: a communication project

Poliuretano-è“ is a communication project that was created, without any commercial purpose, with the aim of promoting the multiple qualities of flexible polyurethane foam in the home and furnishing sector. The project is supported by the best Italian manufacturers and leading international raw materials and additives companies.
Manufacturers of flexible polyurethane foam: Cires, Nir, Olmo, Orsa foam, Pelma, Sip.  
Partners: Covestro, Evonik, BorsodChem Wanhua, Dow, Hutsmann, Repi, Shell.

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