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Laminam ceramic slabs: an eclectic material from multiple functions

Laminam, first company that introduce the large format and minimum thickness ceramic slabs in the furniture’s world, has presented to Sicam his last innovations: “Invisible White”, the last born in the collection “The Naturals”, the range “Collection Absolut White” and the collection “Silk” in the dark notes of “Liquorice”. Laminam ceramic slabs in the format 1620x3240mm, thickness 12mm are addressing to the furniture’s world, like horizontal plans, from the tables to the kitchen and bathroom masterpieces. Completely suitable to the contact with the food, laminam’s slabs are perfect to be used in the kitchen as they resist to scratches, stains, heat and fire: they can be used as a real hygienic and antibacterial cutting board, on which is possible to directly wash blades, liquids, oils, wine and hot pots. They are particularly recommended in the bathroom and in the most delicate jobs like in the swimming pool or Spa as they always guarantee the maximum hygiene and resistance.


Laminam, the large-format and minimum thickness ceramic slabs

Specialist in the production of the large-format and minimum thickness ceramic slabs, Laminam is the first company all over the world to have industrialized its manufacturing process, realizing and patenting its productive technology and studying all the possible applications. As a real factory, Laminam produces ceramic slabs of two different formats and three thicknesses: 1000x3000mm with width of 3 and 5,6 mm and 1620x3240 mm with width of 5,6 and 12mm. An exclusive compaction system of selected clays and feldspars is at the base of the productive’s process; among the other technologies used by the factory, systems of the slab’s decoration and systems of dry cut that reduce the water consume and the depuration’s costs, following an eco-friendly approach that use natural raw material, sustainable technologies and fully recyclable products. Thanks to the high resistance to atmospheric agents and to the wear, Laminam slabs are used in three different areas: as external coating applied on facade systems, on interior design, where they can be used as coating for walls and floors, and in the furniture, as horizontal surfaces for kitchen tops and bathroom furniture, also for external tables and as a vertical surface for doors and dividing walls. With more than 120 surfaces per catalogue, Laminam collection offers to arquitects and designer a rich range of ultramodern texture, industrials and tridimensional, able to satisfy every kind of market’s need.