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Innovative materials for interior design at the center of two FENIX installations

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2022, the spaces of FENIX Scenario, in Foro Buonaparte in Milan, hosted “De-Structura”, an installation dedicated to design freedom understood as creative expression.

Conceived by the architect and designer Fabio Fantolino, the installation consisted of a series of "capsules" focused above all on the world of the kitchen, with an exploration also on the bathroom environment, where the protagonist was the multifaceted and sustainable material to be broken down and reassembled .


High quality and long lasting materials

The innovative materials and surfaces of Arpa such as FENIX®, Homapal® and X-KIN® have been worked in an unusual way, while always maintaining that technical knowledge that is expressed through the extreme attention to detail.

In the wide choice of solutions, the characteristic that unites all the materials used is undoubtedly their sustainability. From the carbon neutrality of FENIX to the Bloom technology that introduces lignin into the heart of the material, to the VIS engineered surfaces with mineral components that significantly increase wear resistance. Each capsule is distinguished by the durability of the materials which, avoiding having to resort to replacements even after a long time, favors a considerable reduction in emissions.

The project was completed by the elegant interpretation of a kitchen island, the "3D material library" and the furnishing accessories displayed in the outdoor area.


X-KIN®, Fenix® innovation at the center of two installations

The De-Structura installation also proposed X-KIN®, the most recent innovation from FENIX®, a flexible surface specially developed for walls and coatings of structural elements for interior design. Extremely opaque, soft to the touch, anti-fingerprint and with excellent color fastness to light, X-KIN is available in four shades that harmoniously match the colors of the FENIX innovative materials: Jaipur Red, Comodoro Green, London Gray and Gray Bromine.

The innovative X-KIN® wall cladding was the protagonist not only of the De-Structura installation, but also of another very emotional installation, "The Wall of Wonders" set up at Casa Brera.

The result of the collaboration between the artist Gustaf von Arbin and the designers CARA / DAVIDE, under the artistic direction of Motel409, "The Wall of Wonders" has staged an "abstract" house whose rooms are scrolls of X-KIN® descending light from the ceiling.

Each room told a visual and sound story, through domestic objects and furnishings, seen through the shadows reflected on the walls. A suspended and magical atmosphere, where each element could be interpreted from different points of view.