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Innovative FENIX materials: six new FENIX NTM® Bloom colors enrich the exclusive palette
FENIX®, the collection of innovative materials created by Arpa Industriale for interior design, expands its chromatic selection by presenting, in a world preview at Sicam 2022, six new FENIX NTM® Bloom colors.

The result of a long and in-depth research on the evolution of interior design trends, the expansion of the color palette demonstrates the brand's commitment to be increasingly innovative and to use more raw materials from renewable resources.


Visual uniqueness and international appeal

The new colors confirm the FENIX stylistic philosophy: in fact, they maintain all the properties of the innovative material, enhancing its visual uniqueness and international appeal.

Perfectly integrated into FENIX’s extremely opaque range, the new shades offer versatile solutions, suitable for both horizontal and vertical applications in the most diverse design environments. The six new colors are available in Bloom black heart with thickness of 0.7 mm, in size 3050x1300 mm and 4200x1600 mm.


Six colors inspired by suggestive landscapes

As always, the colors of the innovative FENIX materials are not born by chance, but are carefully selected and the result of a careful study of interior design trends, and forerunners of these.

Each of the six new FENIX NTM Bloom colors is inspired by suggestive landscapes and cities from all over the world and are able to create a contemporary and refined design by elegantly combining with other materials and multiple interior needs.

The red desert of Namibia is the landscape that inspired the Namib Red color: a linking shade between the red and purple colors, already present in the FENIX palette, which gives interior spaces a relaxing visual warmth.

Halfway between blue and green, Blue Shaba gives the interior a sense of calm. This color was created by evoking the charm of Chrysocolla, a malachite extracted in the Shaba region of Congo and formed by a mixture of beautiful blue and green shades.

Refined and intense, the Purple Orissa recalls the Indian region where the aubergine is said to have been born and adds a shade of dark purple to the palette of FENIX®, while the Yellow Evora takes up the yellow tones of the typical houses of the Portuguese Evora, Giving them the intensity of contemporary design thanks to the low light reflection of FENIX.

The Aragona Gray recalls the volcanic territory near Agrigento in Sicily; between the grays and browns of FENIX, this tone elegantly adapts to the timeless aesthetic of this innovative material. Finally, the Green Kitami, drawing inspiration from the peaks of Kitami, in the Hokkaido region of Japan, captures the freshness of the gray and the purity of the green of those mountains.


Bloom: lignin-based technology

Bloom is the lignin-based technology created by the Arpa Industriale research and development department to increase the natural raw materials contained in the heart of FENIX NTM®. FENIX is composed of paper and phenol-based thermosetting resins. Bloom introduced lignin-based technology to reduce the amount of phenol in the resin by 50%.

Lignin, the second most abundant natural polymer in the world after cellulose, can be considered the glue that holds wood fibers together. Normally used in the cellulose industry to produce energy, its use in the formulation of thermosetting resins represents a significant innovation.

Bloom technology ensures the quality and characteristics of FENIX NTM, with particular attention to sustainability.