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Giardina Group machines and technologies on show at Xylexpo 2018

Giardina Group, born from the merger of three historical brands of the Italian finishing industry (Mauri Macchine, Giardina Finishing and Ventilazione Italiana) presented itself for the first time at Xylexpo 2018 in a stand of 580 square meters, a valid demonstration of the vast range of finishing proposals that this important Italian company can now supply to the world market.

Much of the Giardina Group stand at Xylexpo 2018 was dedicated to the machines: nine different technologies, all perfectly operative so as to allow visitors to directly experience the quality and effectiveness of the group's technologies.

“My brother Riccardo and I - Stefano Mauri, co-owner and commercial manager of Giardina Group commented - feel the need to adequately show what we know how to do. The technologies are transformed, the offer is increasingly complex and our customers, users, want to understand exactly what they can do with a certain machine, using certain products, applying them according to their customs: hence the choice to invest in Giampiero Mauri Innovation Centre, a showroom and at the same time a laboratory for tests, spaces for meetings and training events, as well as hospitality“. An important investment, which will allow the Giardina Group experience to be brought to a new level also from the point of view of the structures and methods for meeting and comparing technology with customers.


The machines exposed to Xylexpo

“At Xylexpo, we concretely demonstrate who we are today and what we can propose to users, giving an exhaustive overview of our production program“ - said Riccardo Mauri, co-owner and technical manager of the group.

From the best performing sprayer to the painting of building elements, from ovens equipped with the most innovative technologies to coating machines, from UV drying systems to anthropomorphic robots, Giardina Group offers a complete catalog of machines and systems for painting and drying systems for the wood industry.

The “Dualtech 501 Dry“ has always been one of the most performing sprayers of the Giardina Group production. It allows a high quality spray application for any type of product, from hues to bottoms to finishes, on any surface. Among the many innovations of this sprayer, to report the improvements made to the filtration system that allows an even longer life of the filters.

Xylexpo also used the “Dualtech 415-Sbc Air Dry“ automatic sprayer, which is also suitable for spraying dyes, primers and finishes on smooth or shaped surfaces.

The “selected Mos-Micro waves“ technology, born from the selection of a specific spectrum of frequencies that work with a displacement defined by the midpoint, characterizes a specific family of drying ovens with the Giardina Group signature. Oven that emits “3d“ radiations able to act on the surface of the piece in drying without any limit of geometry and without causing heating of the painted materials.

The “GP-Jet“ percussion hot air drying tunnel, which allows the treatment of paint products on any type of support, was also exhibited at the stand, the “G02/05roller coating machine, perfect for applying paint products on flat surfaces and the “GST UV Plus“ oven, one of the most advanced ultraviolet rays polymerization systems.

Finally, the most “attractive“ novelty of Xylexpo 2018: the innovative anthropomorphic robot “Robotech Star1“, a new expression of the long experience of Giardina Group in “automatic“ painting for the world of doors and windows and beyond.

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