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Firefighter fire-retardant coatings by Verinlegno: safety and high performance

Verinlegno, a manufacturer of wood coatings and industrial coatings, introduces the Firefighter range, the new fire-retardant coatings that minimize the reaction to fire of the wooden substrate on which they are applied, making the environment in which they are used (homes, restaurants, theaters, etc.) safer. At the same time, they give the substrate that softness, gloss or appropriate degree of opacity that makes it possible to enhance its beauty.


Firefighter line certified in Italian Class 1

The Firefighter line is certified in Italian Class 1, in accordance with the UNI 9796 standard, in Euroclass UNI EN 13501-1 and also complies with the Med-96/98 CE so-called “Timoncino“ standard for boat coatings.
Another important factor is that the coatings in the Firefighter range make it possible, in Italy, to bring any substrate that is in a different class before application to class 1 - the highest class envisaged - thus giving it a very low capacity for flame propagation. Thus, the V300 IGF VPKTR products (gloss: 10/20/30/50/85), a transparent 2-component polyurethane matt coating, and the V500-v580 products of the Kromat series, pigmented bicomponent polyurethane matt coatings in the colors white/black/yellow/red/blue, which can be mixed, are certified.
Also certified are the V400 IGF VPK PARQUET products for parquet, the V600, a glossy polyurethane matt for parquet that is bicomponent, and the V840 IGF Idrofinish Tx, a water-soluble transparent bicomponent matt.


Firefighter coatings: maximum standards also for Euroclass

In 2005, the UNI EN 13501-1 standard, also known as Euroclass, came into force, which provides for the evaluation of additional parameters such as smoke emission and the dripping of incandescent particles. The V300 IGF VPK TR coating in the various glosses, a transparent 2-component polyurethane matte, and the V500 of the Kromat series, a white polyurethane bicomponent matte, are recognized as being at the top of the Euroclass (Bs1d0 fire class).
Verinlegno's Firefighter fire-retardant coatings therefore comply with the maximum standards laid down both in terms of the limitation of flame propagation and in terms of the level of smoke emissions and the dripping of incandescent particles.
The same line also includes a series of polyurethane and acrylic cycles that make it possible to satisfy any type of request for painting boat interiors and that are certified according to the MED 96/98 CE “Timoncino“ standard, which is valid all over the world and for any type of boat.


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