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Acrystone acrylic finishes by Verinlegno: effective on the surfaces of any domestic environment
Verinlegno's new Acrystone acrylic finishes are solutions that make the most of the essence of wood, whether solid or veneered, highlighting its nature, structure and pores. They also protect the wood from natural oxidation and reduce any variations in shade due to exposure to sunlight.


Finishes that comply with the UNI 11216 standard

The Acrystone series of opaque bicomponent finishes can be used as a base-coat and are suitable for open-pore coating cycles for natural and light-colored woods.

The extremely high level of performance makes the entire series compliant with the UNI 11216 standard: in fact, these coatings are effective on the surfaces of any domestic environment (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen), whether horizontal or vertical.
The most important feature is the surface hardness, as demonstrated by the Taber abrasion test, where it reaches values in excess of 1 newton.  Unlike other acrylics on the market, destined, for example, for parquet, which record an average scratch resistance of 0.8 Newton, Acrystone UV Plus M11, the top of the new series, reaches 1.4 Newton, certified with the pictogram "three feet" required by UNI 11622 for high-traffic parquet.

It can therefore also be successfully used for public places or even airports. The entire series is also certified for contact with children, including toys.

The three products of the new Acrystone line

Three products are part of the new range: Acrystone M09, the basic version of the series, is a two-component, transparent, opaque acrylic finish; Acrystone plus M10 has the same features, but offers a higher dry residue (30%); finally, Acrystone UV Plus M11 is extremely resistant to sunlight thanks to special filters dedicated to ultraviolet rays.