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Bloom-S and Rules in Dekton® kitchen hoods born from the renewed collaboration between Cosentino and Elica.

Cosentino, Spanish company leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for the world of design and architecture, and Elica, for 50 years synonymous with efficiency, innovation and design in the field of cooker hoods and hobs with integrated extraction, renew their partnership, established in 2012, to create an extraordinary Dekton® variant of Bloom-S and Rules cooker hoods.
These two new models, designed by Fabrizio Crisà, respond to the constant search for new shapes and innovative materials, characterising elements of Elica, perfectly combining design and excellent performance.
Innovation, formal, conceptual and technological research, extreme attention to detail and the desire to offer cutting-edge solutions, but also flexible and customisable, are the basis of the philosophy of the two companies.


Bloom-S and Rules: two hoods with Dekton® front panel

Precisely in this perspective of continuous experimentation, Elica has integrated the new lines of Bloom-S and Rules cooker hoods with two models equipped with a front panel in Dekton®, the innovative ultra-compact surface of the Cosentino Group. Made with a mixture of raw materials such as glass, latest generation porcelain stoneware and quartz, Dekton® guarantees superior technical qualities: reduced liquid absorption and high resistance to scratches, stains, impacts and temperature changes.
The designer Fabrizio Crisà has chosen Dekton® material for the two hoods in the Sirius shade, a full and intense black able to give strength and personality to every kitchen project, and in the exclusive Slim format. Thanks to its extremely reduced thickness and weight (4mm and 10 kg/m² respectively), Slim is the ideal choice for projects requiring high performance and light materials, combining all the technical and mechanical characteristics of Dekton® with a unique format, much thinner, lighter and easier to handle during installation.


Bloom-S: a chameleon hood

A perfect combination of advanced solutions and refined aesthetics, Bloom-S is a hood particularly suitable for open spaces as it fits in harmony with the environment and becomes an integral part of the furnishings. The extraction area remains completely hidden, but with a simple movement of the hand, it is possible to open the flap Moving Visor, integrated in the front part, to increase the collection surface. A 3,500K LED strip directs the light directly onto the surface to ensure maximum comfort during food preparation.


Rules: a hood that aligns to the millimetre

The linear design of the Rules hood integrates perfectly into the kitchen, aligning itself to the depth of the wall units to the millimetre. Reducing its thickness to a minimum, it almost disappears into the wall giving an absolute continuity of lines in harmony with the design of the kitchen. A fundamental feature of the hood is in fact to guarantee a completely customisable installation, thanks to the innovative SHIFT 2136 mechanism that can modulate its depth from 21cm to 36cm.

Plane No-Drop extractor hood by Falmec: technological innovation and design

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The ultra-compact Dekton® surface proposed in the new Slim format

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Dekton® by Cosentino

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Dekton and Silestone by Cosentino

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