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Actro 5D drawer slides from Hettich: high performance and long-term reliability

Large format drawers and invisible joints characterize today the design of high quality furniture systems that require high performance extractable guides and reliability over time even with heavy loads. This is why Hettich's new Actro 5D wooden drawer runner ensures perfect opening with precise alignment.


Actro 5D drawer slides from Hettich: stability and sliding comfort

Durability, high stability and excellent running comfort characterize the new generation of Actro 5D drawer slides from Hettich. The sturdy runner system can withstand a load of up to 70 kg and the wooden drawers remain perfectly horizontal when fully extended: the simple, effortless extraction and smooth, quiet operation of the Actro 5D drawer runner result in a significant increase in user comfort. This is made possible by the optimized synchronous control, which, protected by the guide profile, ensures continuous, silent movement.


Actro 5D drawer runner with Push to open Silent

According to the latest design trends, large furniture fronts are presented without handles, obtaining a homogeneous surface on which continuous wood can best express its visual effect.
The new Actro 5D drawer runner fits perfectly into the handle-free design and offers more design freedom: with Push to open Silent, wooden drawers can be easily opened by touching the panel and then closed in a cushioned manner. Thanks to the effective multiple synchronization, the system can also be used for extra-wide front panels with two wooden drawers: the opening function is always activated when the XXL front panel is pressed lightly at any point.
Hettich has also developed other solutions for special installation situations in the kitchen or bathroom: a flexible adapter can be used for asymmetrically shaped drawers and wherever a siphon trap is located, while a deflection adapter ensures full Push to open Silent functionality for the wooden drawer.


Quick and easy installation

The current generation of Actro 5D drawer slides has been continuously optimized for quick and easy installation and opening adjustment. The 5-way adjustment is tool-free and very intuitive: the height, side and depth adjustment of the panel is easy to feel and possible without loosening the drawer.


The Actro 5D generation enhances the successful platform system

With the Actro 5D drawer runner generation, Hettich has upgraded its successful platform system: the Actro 5D body perforation model is identical to the new AvanTech YOU drawer platform. This is just a small step towards the different design options of the innovative drawer system that works with the Actro YOU (up to 40 kg / 70 kg) and Quadro YOU (up to 30 kg) drawer slides. This gives you a special advantage: these two drawer slide systems can also be used under wooden drawers of identical dimensions, just by adjusting the height of the panel.

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