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Home Office: Hettich Group's proposals for new lifestyles

The world of work has certainly undergone the strongest and fastest changes due to the Covid-19 emergency; the adoption of Smart Working by companies has influenced people's habits by changing their behaviour and habits.
How will work be done in the near future?
Hettich Group, a leading global manufacturer of hardware and furniture systems, questions the megatrends to define the guidelines and trends that will influence furniture choices and then interpret them and design solutions in line with the times.


Flexibility and home office

An issue of undisputed interest is the greater flexibility required by companies and consequently also by workers in terms of both time and space.
The working environment must follow the necessary evolutions of our time: this implies on the one hand the need in the company for staff rotation with the creation of spaces that can be used by different people, and on the other hand the organization of a work activity inside one's own home.
In fact, workers are required to stay at home several days a week or several weeks a month and necessarily have to organise a place for work within the home, a functional Home Office. Balancing personal and working life is a challenge that will become increasingly important.
If, on the one hand, a desk or desk top and a seat are essential, no less important is also the ability to organise and position laptops, filing cabinets, catalogues, stationery and everything else that is usually used. An essential role is also played by light and any separating elements to have the necessary concentration.
The greatest challenge is to integrate all this into your home environment, harmonizing the design of the Home Office with the pre-existing aesthetic features. This is why moving tops, sliding doors, drawers and pull-outs are a perfect solution to hide, tidy up or have more space for the Home Office.


Home Office Ideas Book from Hettich Group

To meet the new housing needs Hettich has compiled a wide variety of ideas in its Home Office Ideas Book.
Furnishings that include high-running runners such as Quadro, SlideLine sliding door systems, folding door systems such as WingLine and drawer systems such as ArchiTech and AvanTechYOU become a must for setting up large rooms or making very small ones for Smart Working.
Furniture manufacturers, craftsmen and architects can find solutions to propose to customers or draw inspiration for new projects dedicated to Home Office. The catalogue contains information on the Hettich products used, which can be found in the descriptions on the website, in the catalogue and in the graphic design tools on the Hettich website.

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Hettich Italia

Via Calderai, 35, 31010, Cimadolmo (Treviso), Italia