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Desk Frame 1 Compact by Linak: ergonomics for the home office

With the pandemic, smart working has become part of our new daily routine, with many of us adapting our kitchen table into a desk or creating makeshift tables/studies or improvised spaces for our children to attend school through DAD. Although we all hope that events will allow us to return to the office and school soon, it is thought that working from home will be a trend that will remain in some way in the future so many feel it necessary to organise remote working in a different way.


Ergonomics also in smart working mode

Offices and working environments in general are designed and organised to reduce health risks, increase safety and allow us to be healthier and more productive. Our homes are designed differently. Dr. Mark Benden and Martha Parker of the Texas A&M University Ergo Center have presented a series of studies focusing on employees who have switched from the office to working from home and have identified several suggestions for those facing smart working. The main difference is that in the office our health is monitored by the company and regulatory bodies, whereas when we work from home we have to look after our own wellbeing. We don't usually worry about ergonomics until we have back pain, neck pain or wrist pain. So what can be done to improve ergonomics at home? “It's about having customised solutions,“ explains Parker. “You have to find what fits each of us perfectly. There are certain aspects to consider, such as the length of the legs, the backrest, the armrests and the width of the chair. All of these elements need to be customised to the individual and then consider how the seat and desk interact from a height perspective“. Another element we need to focus on is staying active and moving around. You don't have to sit in the same position all day. Instead, it is advisable to follow the 20-8-2 pattern, i.e. sit for 20 minutes, work standing for 8 and walk or move for 2. 


The new compact frame: ergonomics even in the smallest spaces

To meet these requirements and encourage movement, Linak has developed several height-adjustable systems for sit-stand desks, workstations, point-of-sale counters and retractable monitors or TVs.

Linak's new Desk Frame 1 Compact is a new compact frame that is ideal when space is at a premium. It can be used for desktops up to 1 metre wide, offering the perfect solution for both smart working and smaller work environments, such as kiosks, bank and hotel lobbies, libraries and educational institutions.   Desk Frame 1 Compact fits on worktops from 100 to 130 cm and provides the same level of comfort that is usually enjoyed in the office, in a version more suited to the size of the home office.  Easy to assemble, Desk Frame 1 Compact allows you to take advantage of the opportunities offered by today's market: flexibility, design and ergonomics are the key words in a world where working from home is fast becoming the new norm.

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