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Pression UF, Pression Uf/k (solvent)

Pression UF/ Pression Uf/k is a one-component polychlorinated adhesive brush suitable for bonding foam material used for insulation of various pipes. The product offers a fast grip, excellent yield and good thermal resistance and is available in a version with higher thermal resistance.

Pression Neovul/Cn Super (solvent)

Two-component polychlorinated adhesive for use with 8% hardener.
This type of solvent is specific for the bonding of foam material intended for the insulation of pipes for the distribution of hot water and steam. The product is of high quality because it offers a fast grip and a high thermal resistance.

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Frabo Adesivi spa

via Garibaldi 76/78, Carugate, 20061, Milano, Italia

Frabo Adesivi spa

via Garibaldi 76/78, 20061, Carugate (Milano), Italia

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Pression Neovulk/Cn Super (solvent)

Pression Neovulk Cn Super is a two-component polychloroprene adhesive that can be used with 8% specific...

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