Silestone® this year celebrates 25 years of success in which it has helped to bring in many houses design, quality and style. Silestone® was founded in 1990 and included a limited to 6 colours range, available only in Spain. Today, more than 60 colours are available in more than 80 countries, in all five continents. The constant commitment to innovation, product diversification and international expansion has led the Spanish multinational company - which is based in Almería - to increase its production efficiency from a single line of production to the 11 existing today. Silestone®, currently, is the world leader in quartz surfaces and has a distribution network of more than 90 Cosentino Centers. To celebrate this anniversary, the Cosentino Group has organized an event, held at the headquarters of Cantoria, in which the 25 years of Silestone® were honored by the founders of Cosentino - the brothers Martínez-Cosentino Justo -, the executive board and a wider representation of employees. Moreover, a special mention of about 60 people who have directly experienced the birth of Silestone® was made. The birth of Silestone® in 1990 revolutionized the stone industry and professional work in this area. The new material was created by the determination to combine the best natural stones within a single surface that had unique physical and mechanical qualities: all this has been made possible thanks to the strategy of Cosentino, always committed to innovation. The improvements developed in the performance of Silestone® led to the conclusion that this material could be used for much more than just decorations or buildings, as it brings with it new concepts of design and colouring, particularly in its application to the kitchen area furniture and recently also for the bathroom. Silestone® gives the opportunity to create charming design ranging from beautiful worktops in the kitchen, innovative commercial projects, thanks to the wide range of colours, unique finishes, unrivalled technical and aesthetic features.




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