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Partner with our customers to Pelma means always being present at their side, not to betray their expectations by helping them in the correct choice of materials and solutions, constantly seeking the highest quality. For this reason, it continues the commitment in terms of investment in new technologies that improve the technical performance of products while maintaining high attention to environmental aspects. Laffidabilit product also arises from the close collaboration that has Pelma with the most important suppliers of raw materials. All of us Pelma unazienda great affidabilit.Qualit and reliability of the products; consistency and repeatability of characteristics; product innovation and process innovation.

The Research and Development Laboratory Pelma methodically carried out:

- checks on the quality and characteristics of raw materials;

- Controls for each production batch of the most important reference values given in the technical specifications;

- Control of the characteristics of fire behavior;

- Development of formulations for the development of new products.

The Laboratory also collaborates with leading European institutes for the study, characterization and certification of foams.

Pelma S.p.A.

Via Mazzini, 500, Bassano Bresciano, 25020, Brescia, Italia

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