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The board of Infratec Ostermann

A solution suitable for infrared technology

After the laser edge and the edge Airtec, Ostermann offers to Interzum and Ligna a third solution on the market to get the so-called “optical coupling zero“. The new board Infratec can be worked through beading machines that use infrared technology NIR (Near Infrared Radiation).
As in laser technology and hot air, even in the technology Near Infrared Radiation (NIR), they may be used solely edges with a functional layer specific. With the board Infratec Ostermann offers an appropriate solution to the infrared technology.
With the technology Near Infrared Radiation (NIR) thermal energy is transmitted to the functional layer of the edge before it is pressed to the panel. Essential advantages of this technology are working silent and immediate operational capability of the machine. So it is not required a step of heating during the machining process. In addition, no current will flow in downtime and requires no cleaning.
Ostermann was confronted promptly with the new technology of processing and inquired directly from the manufacturers of the machines in order to offer a board that would represent an optimal solution. The basis of the functional layer Infratec is constituted by the plastics Polyolefin. This is applied by a process in retrospect with pinpoint accuracy. This layer is available in 5 different colors (white, natural / beige, brown, black and transparent) and is chosen according to the color or decoration of the edge.
With the functional layer transparent Ostermann offers its customers a very special service. This variant has been drawn precisely to coat at rear edges in bright colors, such as eg. blue, green, red or yellow. Ostermann provides the new board Infratec with functional layer for all solid colors and decors in ABS and all edges in real wood. The boards are available in any width from 16 to 60 mm from the first roll, ready in 4 working days.
With the edges Laser Airtec and Infratec Ostermann decided consciously to draft its own board for each machining technology. This has the advantage that each of the three edges “zero joint“ can be optimized and adapted to the development of the respective technologies and thus to customer requests.

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