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Tambour doors: FBS Profilati expands its range with the Soft Collection
FBS Profilati innovates the concept of tambour door for furniture with the new Soft Collection line capable of transforming interiors with elegance and design. Designed by Gio Tirotto, who is also the company's art director, Soft Collection is a dynamic and extremely graphic collection, characterized by the Fenix ​​NTM® insert in the best-known aluminum tambour door in the FBS catalog, Aluroll.


Aluroll: tambour doors kits in ready-to-use 

Aluroll are 100% aluminum tambour doors supplied in kits ready for installation, perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. With vertical, horizontal and motorized movement, Aluroll tambour doors kits are extremely versatile and can be used in various applications to close cabinet surfaces up to 4 meters.


Soft Collection: the elegant and functional tambour doors by FBS

The Soft Collection is an aluminum composition with an insert of colored strips in Fenix ​​NTM® by Arpa Industriale. The intrinsic characteristics of aluminum combined with those of the Fenix ​​NTM® material make the Soft Collection an effective choice, ensuring a long-lasting product that respects the principles of circular economy and sustainability. Soft Collection integrates nicely into kitchen environments where Fenix ​​NTM® is used, thanks also to the opacity and soft tactility of the material. In addition to the tactile and visual pleasure, the surface of Fenix ​​NTM® is anti-fingerprint and its non-porous outer layer keeps the material clean.

The furniture tambour doors of the Soft Collection are available in different colors that fit well in any environment: Naxos Blue, Kashmir Yellow, Brac Green, Askja Red and Ingo Black.

Innovation and technology therefore create a new range of finishes that expand the FBS Profilati proposal for the kitchen and beyond.