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Rehau and Hyundai: a partnership to offer even more innovation

The partnership between Rehau and Hyundai, two leading international companies in the development of premium components for the Furniture Industry, results in the proposal of a new mineral material that will initially be commercialized in some countries of the EMEA market (Europe, Middle East and Africa). The aim of the agreement is to consolidate existing projects and to develop further joint projects that implement the unique characteristics in surface materials and a wide range of complements.
The two surface specialists Hyundai and Rehau will use these synergies to offer customers an even wider and more innovative range of products and services.
This collaboration,“ said Thomas Hornfischer, Head of Product Management Furniture Components at Rehau, “will combine cutting-edge technology, expertise and market knowledge to create added value for our customers.
The agreement includes a clear division of labour: Hyundai L&C will focus primarily on production and quality management, Rehau will focus on trend analysis and market requirements, while the joint products developed by the two partners will be marketed under the co-branding agreement as REHAU I HANEX.


REHAU I HANEX Solid surface: high quality materials  

Within the REHAU I HANEX portfolio we find the extremely complex composite mineral material Rauvisio mineral/Hanex Solid Surface, which represents an important update of the Rauvisio surface range. This new composite mineral material, thanks to its particular resistance to UV rays, is perfectly suited to be used both indoors and outdoors, so it ranges from facade cladding to walls and bathrooms, kitchens, reception areas and laboratories. 112 solutions and a wide range of accessories are already available to customers, including washbasins, shower trays and bathtubs, all characterised by high quality, simple workmanship and advantageous prices.

LG Hausys presents HI-MACS® Intense Ultra: an innovation in the Solid Surface market

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Bislapis® of Marmi Remuzzi

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