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Ossicolor: leader in the design of aluminium profiles

Ossicolor, a Trentino company specializing in the design and manufacture of aluminum profiles, always offers new projects, new products, new components with a high rate of customization. Also at the recent Interzum the company presented many new products appreciated by visitors for their quality, design and innovative component: Pole, Size, Modus and Stripes.


Palo: two uses, one solution

Palo is an upright that can be positioned both in the kitchen and in the bedroom.
In the bedroom version it can be used both in the walk-in closet and as an overflow structure. Thanks to the elimination of any seat or perforation on the visible parts, it has a simple and discreet aesthetics that allows to obtain a minimalism without compromises.  In the Palo walk-in closet it has a ceiling attachment, it is complete with an adjustable foot and it is possible to add any type of accessory: from wooden shelves to sliding drawers, from trouser holders to hangers.
In the version for the Palo kitchen, the space above the worktop has been reinterpreted in a modern key, creating a branch that supports the elements (wall units, shelves, accessory bars) and guaranteeing maximum functionality.


Size: compositional element with infinite possibilities

Designed as a transversal product for any type of environment, Size, designed by architect Michele Marcon, is a compositional element with infinite possibilities and declinations that leaves absolute freedom in the design. It can be inserted in the kitchen, where it can be used as a wall unit, in the living area, where it allows you to create dynamic compositions, or even in the bathroom, where it can become, among other things, an elegant and essential towel rail.
Made up of 15x15mm aluminium uprights, Size creates a strong graphic sign that can be enriched with backs and shelves in wood, aluminium and glass, luminous strips and sliding doors. Its various shapes and colours guarantee visual continuity of the composition and reduce the structure to a minimum in favour of aesthetics. Size is now also available in the 10x10 and 20x20mm versions.


Modus: a container for every need

Modus, designed by Michele Marcon, is an aluminium container that, thanks to its many formal solutions, adapts perfectly to the different technical and compositional needs while maintaining linearity and aesthetic uniformity. Used as a completely open open space or in its version with a door, Modus is an extremely functional product that adapts well to any room in the house.
Modus can enrich the island or wall composition, with the possibility of being unhooked for easy cleaning, it can be placed under the wall unit, or simply placed as an accessory lift on the top, acting as a splash guard.
Ossicolor has further expanded the range of Modus: today, in fact, it is possible to choose between 5 variations of depth (30, 60, 120, 150, 200mm) and different compositional variants. Modus can slide along the top or on boiserie or can be anchored to the wall with systems
adjustable. The backrest and shelves are available in both aluminium and wood in different finishes.


Stripes: a combination of aesthetics and functionality

Designed by Studio Nearch, Stripes is a boiserie system that combines aesthetics and functionality in a balanced way. Extremely versatile, Stripes extends, duplicates, supports accessories and lights, bringing style to the kitchen and beyond. It can fit on any type of top or live autonomously on a wall.
The base is an extruded aluminium profile. The standard composition rests on the worktop and includes a gasket that prevents the passage of water, three bands of 12cm plus an upper band of 6cm. Between one band and the other, a space of 3mm allows you to insert a whole series of useful accessories in aluminum sheet. On the sides, the new closing caps cover the entire cutting area, making this product even more unique and elegant.

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Ossicolor S.r.l.

Via Fontanelle 126, 38121, Trento (Trento), Italia